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Campaign signs have arrived, and look great.  Printed with purple ink - neither red nor blue, yet both.

Metal H stands for campaign signs remain stuck in the Salt Lake City UPS depot, where they have languished since last Wednesday. 

Edit:  Okay, okay, pic added.  Just the sign, I don't have a pic of the SLC UPS depot.

Campaign sign

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Went to the state convention yesterday (it is a looong drive to Salt Lake City).  I am now officially a party-endorsed candidate for the Utah House.
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13 Ways to Cut Government Spending NOW

In the wake of April 15th’s Tea Parties, here are 13 ways you can immediately make an impact toward reducing government spending.  Thirteen in tribute to the thirteen original colonies, of course!


  1. If you work for a government agency, quit.  Salaries are the single largest component of government spending.
  2. If you are a contractor, do not bid on or accept any government contracts.
  3. If you are a buyer or seller of a home, do not accept any government subsidies, including Utah’s $6,000 of stimulus money to buyers of new homes.
  4. Do not accept any loans from any federally subsidized programs, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  If you have a loan from either of these, seek to replace it with a privately funded loan, even at a higher rate.  It’s the principle of the thing.
  5. Whenever possible, drive on private toll roads rather than government maintained roads.  When you must drive on government roads, keep track of mileage and make a donation of 10 cents per mile to the private charity of your choice.  This will help fund them and limit government expansion into their areas of operation.
  6. Tear up your social security check, or any other government “assistance” payment.
  7. Send your kids to private school, including college.  Don’t ask for a subsidy – that would only make private schools dependent on government welfare.
  8. Stay off public lands.  The less they are used, the less maintenance and supervision they require.
  9. Do not fly on federally funded airlines.  If you need to get somewhere distant, charter a private plane.
  10. Walk instead of drive when possible.  Gasoline taxes must be paid when you fill your tank, so fill it as infrequently as you can.
  11. Buy bottled water instead of using water from a public utility.  Evian will make your lawn a brilliant green.  At a minimum, don’t flush for #1.
  12. Write your Congressman and tell him or her that you want government food inspections stopped.  This would save billions of dollars annually.
  13. Since the cost of operating and maintaining the internet is almost entirely borne by public financing, through state universities, now that you’ve finished reading this you should log off and never log on again.

Paleontology 101

Followed a link on Yahoo to a story about a new fossil find at the La Brea Tar Pits, which of course is pretty interesting in and of itself.

But I found something else there too:  the lead blogger about Project 23 at the George C. Page Museum is Andrea Thomer, who used to work for me selling comic books to all the good little boys and girls of Orange County.  Way to go, girl!

Steve Martin in the National Film Registry

A few weeks ago the Library of Congress named 25 more films to the National Film Registry.  The one that raised a few eyebrows was Disneyland Dreams, a 1956 home movie of a Connecticut family's trip to Disneyland after winning a contest sponsored by scotch tape.  You can see that movie here.

Today there's an interesting coda to the story.  There's a letter in the Hartford Courant from Steve Martin (as reported by animation historian Jerry Beck here); apparently just over 20 minutes into the film you can catch a glimpse of a very young and not yet entirely wild and crazy guy selling guidebooks. 

Today, he couldn't have that job.  He was only 11 at the time.